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“Turbomachinery makes the world go round”



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TurboValley aims at forming a network of companies, research and educational institutes and people with a common interest and expertise: turbomachines. TurboValley forms a platform for sharing knowledge, experience and ideas. TurboValley creates visibility within society for an important sector of Dutch manufacturing industry.

TurboValley provides a high-tech environment, in which capabilities and knowledge of employees is further improved. In addition, within TurboValley precompetitive research projects will be executed. Furthermore, TurboValley provides a forum for selection of interns and employees (recent graduates).



Eleventh meeting at Vostermans Ventilation

The eleventh meeting has been held on Thursday 18 October 2018 at 12:30 at Vostermans Ventilation in Venlo (Parlevinkerweg 54 5928 NV Venlo).


12:30-13:00       Welcome and lunch
                          [Henk Vostermans]
13:00-13:20       Introduction to Vostermans Ventilation
                          [Guus Vostermans]
R&D at Vostermans Ventilation
                          [Robin Pul, Vostermans Ventilation]

13:50-14:20       Full engine unsteady CFD simulation applied to a micro-gas turbine engine
                          [Wout Poncelet, Numeca]
14:20-14:40       Break
14:40-15:10       Sorama  provides insights to noise: application to turbomachines
                          [Rick Scholte, Sorama]
15:10-15:40       Aerodynamic modelling of Howden axial fan performance
                          [Han Heijboer, M.Sc. student @ Howden]

15:40-17:00       Factory tour
17:00-18:00       Informal discussion/”borrel”


Tenth meeting at DEMCON/BuNova

The tenth meeting has been held on Wednesday 16 May 2018 at 13:00 at DEMCON/BuNova in Enschede (Institutenweg 25, 7521 PH Enschede).


13:00-13:30       Welcome and lunch
13:30-13:50       Introduction to DEMCON/BuNova
                           [Jan Leideman, DEMCON]
From concept to completion: centrifugal casting
                           [Arnoud van der Stelt, DEMCON/BuNova]

14:20-14:50       Composites in Twente
                          [Remko Akkerman, UT]
14:50-15:10       Break
15:10-15:35       Lighthouse isotopes: thermal challenges
                          [Bart Ettema; M.Sc student @ DEMCON/BuNova]
15:35-16:00       Introduction to Zitron
                          [Berry Kolkman, Zitron]

16:00-17:00       Tour of facilities
17:00-18:00       Informal discussion/”borrel”

Ninth meeting at Damen

The ninth meeting has been held on Thursday November 16 2017 at 12:30 at Damen Dredging in Nijkerk (Edisonstraat 32, 3861 NE Nijkerk).


12:30-13:00    Welcome and lunch

13:00-13:20    Introduction to Damen Dredging
                        [Hendrik Jan de Kluiver, Damen]

13:20-13:50    Damen Dredging: portfolio and research, development and innovation
                        [Klaas Slager, Damen]

13:50-14:10    Influence of tip clearance on aerodynamic performance of axial fans
                        [Suman Sapkota, UT/Howden]

14:10-14:30    Dredge pump volute design and best efficiency point
                        [Han Heijboer, UT/Damen]

14:30-14:50    Break

14:50-15:25    Experimental investigation of fluid structure interaction of impeller-like disks in supercritical carbon dioxide
                        [Pieter van Beek, TNO]

15:25-16:30    Factory tour

16:30-17:00    Informal discussion/”borrel”


Eighth meeting: TurboDay 2017

The eighth meeting has been held on Wednesday June 7 2017 at 12:30 at the University of Twente in building Horst T 1300.


12:30-12:40: Objectives TurboValley

Presentations on Technological and Engineering Challenges in Turbomachinery Industry

12:40-13:00: Damen Dredging Equipment [Klaas Slager]

13:00-13:20: Rodelta [Ronald Dijkers]

13:20-13:40: Bunova-Demcon [Jan Withag]

13:40-14:00: Philips Consumer Lifestyle [Paul Duineveld]

14:00-14:20: SPX [Karol Necel]


14:20-14:35: Break


14:35-14:55: Siemens Hengelo [Mark van Aarsen]

14:55-15:15: Numeca [Joris Vanherzeele]

15:15-15:35: Howden [Peter Holkers]

15:35-15:55: Flowserve [Kevin Bruurs]


15:55-16:05: Student Summary of Technological Challenges and Student Competences

Informal Networking Session

16:05-17:00: Company “market” with posters and “borrel”


Seventh meeting at Howden

The seventh meeting has been held on Wednesday December 7 2016 at 12:30 at Howden in Hengelo (Lansinkesweg 4, 7553 AE Hengelo).



12:30-13:00    Welcome and lunch

12:50-13:05    Introduction to Howden
                        [Sander Venema, Manager Technology, Howden]

13:05-13:35    R&D at Howden
                        [Peter Holkers, Aerodynamic Engineer, Howden]

13:35-13:55    Update STW-proposal Dragonfly on Aero-acoustics of turbomachines
                        [Leandro de Santana, UT]

13:55-14:20    From preliminary and detailed design to CFD in one single environment: Introducing FINE/AGILE
                        [Joris Vanherzeele, Numeca]

14:20-14:50    Break

14:50-15:05    Introduction to Rodelta
                        [Ronald Dijkers, Hydraulic Engineer, Rodelta]

15:05-15:30    Numerical simulation methods for dredging flows
                        [Bart Konijn, former PhD student EFD]

15:30-16:30    Factory tour


Sixth meeting at MARIN

The sixth meeting has been held on Monday December 14 2015 at 12:30 at MARIN in Wageningen.


12:30-13:00         Welcome and lunch

13:00-13:15         Introduction to MARIN [Erik van Wijngaarden]

13:15-13:45         Hydrodynamic research in propulsion at MARIN [Tom van Terwisga; Head of Resistance & Propulsion team, R&D department]

13:45-14:15         Prediction of the effect of impeller rework modifications on performance [Dimar Detert Oude Weme; M.Sc. student Engineering Fluid Dynamics]

14:15-14:30         Break

14:30-15:00         Aero-acoustics: overview and some new developments [Leandro de Santana, new staff member Engineering Fluid Dynamics]

15:00-15:15         Expertise database, status report

15:15-15:30         Plans for 2016

15:30-16:30         Factory tour


Fifth meeting: TurboDay 2015

The fifth meeting has been held on Friday June 26 2015 at 12:30 at the University of Twente in building Horst T 1300.


12:30-12:45: Welcome and lunch

12:45-13:00: Objectives TurboValley

Presentations on Technological Challenges

13:00-13:15: Siemens Hengelo [Marcel Buse]

13:15-13:30: Vostermans Ventilation [Robin Pul]

13:30-13:45: Philips Consumer Lifestyle [Paul Duineveld]

13:45-14:00: Zitron [Peter Stevelink]

14:00-14:15: Howden [Peter Holkers]

14:15:14:30: Break

14:30-14:45: SPX [Karol Necel]

14:45-15:00: Flowserve Hengelo [Ronald Dijkers]

Presentations on Computational Aero Acoustics

15:00-15:15: Numeca [Joris Vanherzeele]

15:15-15:45: Prediction of aerodynamic performance and noise production of axial fans [Robin van de Vondervoort]

15:45-16:00: Student summary of Technological Challenges and Student Competences

Informal networking session

16:00-17:00: Company “market” with posters and “borrel”


Fourth meeting at Siemens

The fourth meeting has been held on Thursday February 26 2015 at 12:30 at Siemens Hengelo.


12:30-13:00     Welcome and lunch
13:00-13:15     Introduction to Siemens Hengelo [Michiel Roos] and safety briefing
13:15-13:25     Siemens Hengelo – Technology & Innovation [Marcel Buse]
13:25-13:35     Ethos Energy Hengelo [Frits de Jongh]
13:35-14:00     Engineering Fluid Dynamics: strategic vision [Kees Venner; new chair Engineering Fluid Dynamics]
14:00-14:15     Break
14:15-15:00     Thematic session: Expertise database
15:00-15:30     Dry gas seal failure simulation with CFD [Faizan Vance; M.Sc. student Engineering Fluid Dynamics]
15:30-15:45     Break + safety-movie + personal protective gear
15:45-16:30     Factory tour
16:30-17:30     Wrap-up + drinks

Third meeting at UT

The third meeting has been held on Wednesday June 25 2014 at 12:30 at the University of Twente.

The location at the University of Twente is: Drienerburght (building 44).


12:30-13:00     Welcome and lunch (Niels Kruyt)
13:00-14:00     3D printing (Tom Vaneker, Universiteit Twente)

14:00-15:00     Get-to-know-one-another sessions
15:00-15:15     Break
15:15-15:45     Optimization of an ultra-high-speed, low-specific-speed pump for organic-Rankine cycles (Eric Jan Beld; M.Sc. student Engineering Fluid Dynamics)
15:45-16:15     Company presentations:

Discussion on further plans for TurboValley


Second meeting at Flowserve

The second meeting has been held on January 22 2014 at 12:30 at Flowserve Hengelo.

The address is: Flowserve Corporation, Lansinkesweg 30, 7553 AE Hengelo.


12:30-12:45     Welcome and lunch (John Boshuis)

12:45-13:00     Feedback kick-off (Niels Kruyt)

13:00-14:00     Get-to-know-one-another sessions

14:00-14:20     Optimization of axial fans with respect to efficiency and noise (Ruben Verschoof; M.Sc. student Engineering Fluid Dynamics)

14:20-14:35     Break

14:35-15:05     Company presentations:


Damen Dredging Equipment

15:05-15:25     Experiences with 3D printing

15:25-15:45     Discussion on further plans for TurboValley

15:45-16:30     Excursion Flowserve site in Hengelo

Kickoff meeting

The kick-off meeting has been held on October 2 2013 at 12:30 at the University of Twente, in building Horst, room HR-Z203. The map of the campus of the University of Twente can be found at


12:30-12:45    Lunch and welcome by H.W.M. Hoeijmakers (UT)
12:45-13:00    Background to initiation of TurboValley by N.P. Kruyt (UT)
13:00-13:15    “Experiences with Mechatronica Valley” by R.G.K.M. Aarts (UT)
13:15-14:15    Company and institute presentations
                            University of Twente
                            Philips Consumer Lifestyle
14:15-14:45    “Developments and challenges in pump design” by ir. R.J.H. Dijkers (Flowserve)
14:45-15:30     Discussion on further plans for TurboValley
15:30-16:15    Lab tour Engineering Fluid Dynamics
16:15-16:45    Drinks




Niels Kruyt
Engineering Fluid Dynamics
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Twente
P.O. Box 217
Enschede, the Netherlands
tel: +31 - (0)53 - 489 2528
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